Reasons for choosing a neutral professional chip manufacturer

Choosing CVI, TVI or AHD is not as difficult as you might think. First of all, the choice of neutral professional chip manufacturers as a partner is the industry leader

HDCVI Applicable Project

HDCVI: The front end is uncompressed, resulting in a large amount of data on the back end. Although the original part of the analog transmission cable can be used for

Several classifications of HDCVI

HDCVI: High Definition Composite Video Interface (HD) is a kind of high-definition video based on coaxial cable that uses progressive modulation technology to transmit progressive scan. It is an upgrade

Operating costs of CVI, TVI, AHD and SDI

Also taking a similar view is Duan Yuren. In his view, the four programs of CVI, TVI, AHD and SDI will coexist for a certain period of time. “There is

Basic functions of HDCVI

HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) is called CVI, which is a high-definition composite video interface. It is a high-definition video transmission specification based on coaxial cable. It uses analog

NVR with POE function

Also with POE function, this NVR is not easy! Huachuang MP_NVR104 has four 100M POE network ports, one 100M UPlink uplink network interface, adopts (12, 36) standard POE power supply

Analog SD device upgrade

At present, the upgrade of analog SD equipment can also be seamlessly switched to HDCVI products, and the need for full HD monitoring can be achieved by replacing cameras and

HDCVI technology is a transmission method

HDCVI technology is a high-definition video transmission method based on existing SYV75-3 or SYV75-5 coaxial cable, which enables reliable transmission of ultra-long-range high-definition video signals on low-cost and low-quality coaxial

CVI technology

At the Beijing Anbo Conference in 2012, Dahua’s self-developed CVI technology new products, which debuted for the first time, became the focus of the exhibition. Based on the transmission medium

960H upgrade to HD

Xu Xiaodong said, “First, in the case of 960H upgrade to HD, users can only replace their analog cameras and DVRs with TVI cameras and DVRs to get a new