HDCVI DVRs must also be used with HDCVI cameras and cannot be connected to analog or network equipment. Product features: 1, with traditional analog wiring is simple, replace the old

Specifications of TVI

The reporter learned that the specifications of TVI are relatively high, but the problem is that the transmission performance is weak. Some manufacturers said that when selecting a video amplification


According to the reporter, CVI, TVI and AHD are as simple and convenient to operate as traditional equipment, breaking through the transmission limit of HD video transmission technology, enabling low-cost,


CVI, TVI and AHD have appeared in the market successively. Since they are all coaxial HD, if you want to let the majority of manufacturers and end customers accept it,

The ahd module and the hdcvi module

Possibly, we still ignore the point that the ahd module and the hdcvi module are still different. The ahd module adopts the scheme of nextchip. This solution is open and

HD-CVI high-definition camera

HD-CVI high-definition camera adopts the latest HDCVI technology, has a million high-definition standard, and has the advantage of non-destructive reduction of 500M transmission distance. It breaks through the shortcomings of


The HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) CVI optical transceiver standard was released by Dahua Company on July 31, 2012. The revised version 1.00 was officially released on November 15,

Functional realization

Functional realization So, this device can do: 1, HDCVI signal distributor, 1 point and 2 output 2. The character superimposer of HDCVI signal supports the OSD superimposed display of any

The advantages of DCVI in the HD surveillance market

The advantages of DCVI in the HD surveillance market: CVI optical transceivers in the field of high-definition video surveillance, HDCVI, HD-SDI, IPC three types of high-definition products have their own

HDCVI application place

HDCVI application place This product is mainly used in: 1. Need HDCVI signal independent display place 2, the camera manufacturer to do the demonstration test application 3, DVR manufacturers do