CVI, TVI, AHD and SDI have advantages and disadvantages in the coaxial HD world.

Divimat CEO Li Rui said in an exclusive interview with this reporter: CVI, TVI, AHD and SDI have their advantages and disadvantages and market segmentation in the world of coaxial

Specific application of AHD products

I don’t think there is any reason for AHD products with great price/performance advantages to be accepted by the market.” When talking about AHD promotion, Zhao Qiting said, “The information

CVI’s first market share

In Zhao Qiting’s view, for the time being, CVI was first introduced and its market share was temporarily leading. TVI has not yet shipped in bulk, and there is currently

HDCVI’s competitiveness in the field of coaxial cable

Compared to HD-SDI technology, HDCVI is very competitive in the field of high-definition video transmission over coaxial cable. First of all, both HDCVI and HD-SDI transmission technologies can transmit HD

Huachuang NVR can be used for video surveillance

As an NVR, Huachuang MP_NVR104 can be used for video surveillance, which can add a network camera with one button, and can directly set IPC coding parameters on the NVR.

HDCVI uses point-to-point transmission

First of all, HDCVI uses point-to-point transmission to ensure the reliability of signal transmission. IPNC adopts Ethernet transmission technology, and the transmission path passes through network routing and switching, and

Breakthrough of HDCVI HD video transmission technology

The breakthrough innovation and practical technical features of HDCVI high-definition video transmission technology have given the analog video surveillance field a huge value space and industry application fit in the

What are the classifications of HDCVI?

HDCVI includes both 1920H and 1280H specifications, is compatible with standard 1080P and 720P resolutions, and uses targeted automatic signal compensation technology to ensure extremely low signal distortion over long

The competitive advantage of HDCVI technology

In addition, because HDCVI uses multi-signal co-cable transmission technology, video and audio signals and two-way data transmission can be completed by using a coaxial cable video, enabling simultaneous audio and

AHD’s market advantage

Another point to note is that AHD will do the same with the transmitter chip TX and ISP. The ISP chip contained in the 2-in-1 chip is actually more expensive.