Content of the HD CVI Technical Specification

The HDCVI technical specification includes 1280H and 1920H high-definition video formats (the effective resolution of 1280H format is 1280×720; the effective resolution of 1920H format is 1920×1080), and the uncompressed video data analog modulation technology with independent intellectual property rights is used. Coaxial cable transmits megapixel HD video point-to-point, enabling non-delay, low-loss, high-reliability video transmission.
HDCVI technology adopts the self-adaptive technology of independent intellectual property rights to ensure that at least 500 meters of high-quality HD video is transmitted on coaxial cables of 75-3 and above, breaking the transmission limit of the existing transmission technology of high-definition video. In addition, HDCVI technology also has a number of proprietary intellectual property technologies, including synchronous audio signal transmission technology and real-time two-way data communication technology.

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