Market performance for CVI, TVI or AHD

The four options may coexist in the fall of 2014, and the above three analog HD solutions have opened up in the video surveillance market. Some people say that this is the analog HD “Three Musketeers”, and some people say that this is the “Three Kingdoms era” of analog HD. In any case, it is an indisputable fact that analog HD has not formed a “one-word”, CVI, TVI, AHD are in the market promotion.
In the investigation and interview conducted recently, the reporter learned that only the manufacturers of CVI, TVI or AHD have their own, and there are also many companies that consider the same scheme. For the market performance of CVI, TVI or AHD, this is actually a matter of “the ass determines the head” – whoever chooses who is optimistic. However, the PK of these three schemes also shows that the analog surveillance market is still alive within the expected range, and it is not completely defeated under the pressure of IP. Duan Yuren, a digital product manager, told this reporter: The company is now walking on the “two legs” of TVI and AHD. For the moment, the market acceptance is better.

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