HDCVI compared to HD-SDI technology

According to the technical characteristics and performance of HDCVI, compared with HD-SDI technology, HDCVI has a competitive advantage in the field of high-definition video transmission over coaxial cable. First of all, both HDCVI and HD-SDI transmission technologies can transmit HD video with 720P and 1080P effective resolution, but HDCVI has obvious inherent advantages in transmission distance. HD-SDI is currently only capable of transmitting 100 meters in a better environment for transmission media. HDCVI is currently capable of transmitting at least 500 meters with very low signal distortion when using 75-3 cable. When using 75-5 or better cable, the transmission distance can be further extended and video transmission can be guaranteed. the quality of. Second, HD-SDI has poor anti-interference ability, especially in environments with high-frequency radiation, such as mobile phones and wireless routers. The strong high-frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation interferes with HD-SDI, resulting in a high bit error rate of the video data, which is characterized by abnormal images, blooming screens, and inability to lock.

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