Specific application of AHD products

I don’t think there is any reason for AHD products with great price/performance advantages to be accepted by the market.” When talking about AHD promotion, Zhao Qiting said, “The information we know about TVI is that the industry leader is doing it, but the current cost is high and the cost is high. Mainly because the program itself has a lot of limitations, so how to make it difficult to judge in the future. Whether AHD can be accepted by the market, I think this requires us to do a lot of work. In his view, during the AHD promotion process, the customers mainly did not understand the AHD series products, and did not clarify the specific applications of the AHD products, namely AHD-L, AHD-M, and AHD-H. The reason for accepting AHD, TVI or CVI is not only the brand, but I think the user is still the most cost-effective advantage of the product itself. Application Advantages of AHD Products Here is a point. The AHD-L series of AHD products has a clear positioning and can completely replace the simulation market of 960H and D1. This is a huge advantage.

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