CVI’s first market share

In Zhao Qiting’s view, for the time being, CVI was first introduced and its market share was temporarily leading. TVI has not yet shipped in bulk, and there is currently no actual impact. AHD has just started to promote, and the time is not long, but the price is superior and the potential is unlimited. “I think that whether we can form a three-legged position in the future depends on the strength of the leading enterprises. Otherwise, the TVI is more difficult. Looking into the future, CVI, TVI and AHD will all develop, but AHD will be better than the other two. One point, because it is a third-party open standard and compatible with AHD products from various manufacturers. From the current point of view, analog HD is already a mature technology, and there is no higher-profile product yet.” Security observers believe that Dahua At the beginning of the CVI launch, some companies were worried about the risk of being “harvested” in the future. At present, Dahua has set the price of CVI products to be lower, but the price of CVI chips is set higher. Many people have scruples about their monopoly, so they are not willing to accept CVI. However, the time to market for TVI is relatively late, so there are still more manufacturers on AHD, and AHD is temporarily ahead of a round.

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