HDCVI’s competitiveness in the field of coaxial cable

Compared to HD-SDI technology, HDCVI is very competitive in the field of high-definition video transmission over coaxial cable. First of all, both HDCVI and HD-SDI transmission technologies can transmit HD video with 720P and 1080P effective resolution, but HDCVI has a natural advantage in transmission distance.
First of all, HD-SDI can transmit 100 meters in a better environment of transmission medium. Even if the next version of HDcctv Alliance v2.0 adopts compression technology, the transmission distance can only be achieved under the environment of better transmission medium. Theoretically 300 meters. HDCVI currently uses at least 500 meters when using 75-3 cable, and has very low signal distortion. When using 75-5 or better cable, the transmission distance can be further extended, and video transmission can be guaranteed. quality.

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