AHD’s market advantage

Another point to note is that AHD will do the same with the transmitter chip TX and ISP. The ISP chip contained in the 2-in-1 chip is actually more expensive. Some insiders said that if the ISP chip in AHD is taken out separately, it can find the corresponding model in the list of chip manufacturers. And that single chip price is more expensive than the two pieces together, this detail shows the promotion of AHD by chip manufacturers.
Although the gap between the coaxial high-definition CVI, TVI and AHD is not very large, but the first to enter the market has a first-mover advantage, the latecomer catching up is more difficult. If there is no leading company to raise the banner, you can only fight the price. Some insiders said that AHD is currently more popular in the Shenzhen security market because the manufacturers here are more price sensitive, and AHD is the cheapest among the three options.

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