Reasons for choosing a neutral professional chip manufacturer

Choosing CVI, TVI or AHD is not as difficult as you might think. First of all, the choice of neutral professional chip manufacturers as a partner is the industry leader to represent the basic principles of the choice of products. “CVI is a subjective factor that Dahua has independently opened, and it has subjective factors to other manufacturers and manufacturers. So in this game, CVI is out.” Secondly, for the product planning of brand manufacturers, a complete product line is bound to be required, 720P /1080P is required. AHD currently only has 720P products, and 1080P promoted by AHDDVR can only access 1080P IP signals instead of AHD signals. According to sources, the next-generation AHD 2.0 is not compatible with the current AHD 1.0 signal. Then this means that there are two different versions of the chip inside the AHD. Finally, due to the comprehensive product performance and support of many manufacturers, TVI is currently the most widely used. But he also said: These advantages and characteristics do not mean that there is no difficulty in promoting TVI. “The difficulties we encountered were mainly concentrated in the South. Some customers did not really understand the difference between TVI and AHD. They did not realize that the products of TVI can bring them long-term impact. Let us know the whole market. The product is a difficult and difficult task, and this is where we need to work hard. For AHD, we advocate benign competition rather than vicious competition. Do not compete in security as an industry without thresholds. A good ecosystem.

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