Several classifications of HDCVI

HDCVI: High Definition Composite Video Interface (HD) is a kind of high-definition video based on coaxial cable that uses progressive modulation technology to transmit progressive scan. It is an upgrade product under the analog monitoring technology architecture and still belongs to closed-circuit simulation. surveillance system.
HDCVI: It is only responsible for the signal acquisition and is not responsible for the compression of the signal. The maximum transmission mode can only be 200W@30 frames.
HDCVI: A small-scale transition product with narrow application scenarios, mainly used in financial places where the geographical area is not large but the real-time requirements are relatively high. Home security is entering the Internet era. Compared to IPC’s network openness and standardization, HDCVI is not suitable for home scenes. Because it cannot be directly connected to a computer/mobile phone, it must use its back-end equipment.

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