NVR with POE function

Also with POE function, this NVR is not easy!
Huachuang MP_NVR104 has four 100M POE network ports, one 100M UPlink uplink network interface, adopts (12, 36) standard POE power supply mode, supports IEEE 802.3AT standard, maximum power supply up to 30W, adopts independent technology, and the power supply distance reaches 100. Meter. Hard parameters, only let the strength speak.
Buying a Huachuang 4CH MP_NVR monitoring machine is equivalent to what products are bought?
1 network hard disk recorder + 1 display + 1 POE switch + cloud easy to monitor cloud storage space. Huachuang 4CH MP_NVR monitoring and integration machine is composed of network hard disk recorder + POE switch + display, one to four, its biggest advantage is: high degree of integration. It’s easier and more convenient to use, and the high configuration makes it worth the money.

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