Analog SD device upgrade

At present, the upgrade of analog SD equipment can also be seamlessly switched to HDCVI products, and the need for full HD monitoring can be achieved by replacing cameras and DVRs. The construction and deployment methods of analog standard-defining equipment are the most widely used. It is the system that engineers and construction personnel mainly use in security engineering construction. HDCVI technology follows the transmission mode of simulated standard definition, and is most easily used by users in construction and deployment. Accept and implement quickly. IPNC is similar to the construction method of IT construction, and has high requirements for construction personnel, topology design, flow design, and node equipment selection.
The HDCVI system is used in the same way as the standard definition system. The analog camera plus DVR deployment system is plug-and-play between devices, mainly based on DVR interaction. Compared with the use of IPNC, it is often necessary to set up, initialize, and so on the camera. In addition, there is a risk of communication or configuration abnormality caused by network protocol compatibility problems. Even with the application of standardized protocols such as Onvif, the promotion of IPNC plus NVR systems is still not as easy to use as analog systems.

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