CVI technology

At the Beijing Anbo Conference in 2012, Dahua’s self-developed CVI technology new products, which debuted for the first time, became the focus of the exhibition. Based on the transmission medium and usage habits of analog SD, CVI innovatively realizes the transmission of megapixel high-definition analog video over 500 meters on coaxial cable. Its product form covers gun camera, infrared waterproof gun camera, anti-riot dome camera, infrared riot dome camera, hard disk recorder and other terminal equipment, including 1280H and 1920H two series, to achieve the same resolution HD with digital HD camera 720P and 1080P video.

At the exhibition site, the contrast with the IP network camera highlights the non-delay characteristics of the CVI product, and the advantage of the transmission distance of the CVI product over 500 meters in the PK of the SDI camera is fully revealed, causing a lot of shock on the scene.

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