CVI strives

As for the CVI, some insiders said that the lack of strong players, CVI strives to become one of the HDCCTV Alliance’s standard HDCCTV2.0AT, but its openness is far from enough, and it also affects its rapid development. A manufacturer has set the standard, produced chips, and made products such as cameras and DVRs, along with some small manufacturers who follow the trend. This near-monopoly approach, lack of strong chip vendors and equipment manufacturers, will also be a major obstacle to the development of HDCVI. At the same time, there are not many CVI products, and its analog HD products are mainly based on cameras and DVRs. There are not many other related products, such as CVI video optical transceiver, CVI video matrix, CVI video adapter, CVI video. Relaying, etc., is directly related to the lack of designers with design strength.

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