High-definition transmission

In short, CVI, TVI, AHD achieve high-definition transmission on coaxial cable, and the transmission distance increases obviously; both have higher resolution and no bright color crosstalk than ordinary analog; farther and anti-interference ability than SDI transmission Strong; compared to network HD has no delay, image lossless, easy to operate and so on.
According to Zhao Qiting, at present, AHD’s outstanding advantages over CVI and TVI are now perfectly compatible with 960H/D1, AHD front-end chip ISP and Tx two-in-one, and the product is economically stable. Practically speaking, AHD still has its shortcomings, and soon after the product launch, there are still many areas for continuous improvement. However, because of the relatively open cooperation mode, AHD has developed very fast and the supporting facilities have become more and more perfect. The corresponding optical transceivers, integrated movements, and matrix will soon be launched. With the continuous promotion of AHD products, it will continue to improve its deficiencies; fully understand AHD products and insist on products with more cost-effective advantages, these problems will be solved in the application.

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