Video integrated management platform

Support 720P HD preview, playback;
Supports 25, 30, 50, 60 frame rates;
Using analog video transmission technology, using coaxial cable as the transmission medium;
The highest supported sample rate of the audio signal is 44.1kHz;
Support coaxial two-way data communication, which can send control signals such as pan/tilt rotation and zoom control to the acquisition terminal through the receiving end;
Long-distance reliable transmission, 720P guarantees reliable transmission of high-quality HD video signals of 500 meters
Strong anti-interference ability, in the strong interference environment, can ensure the transmission and display of high-definition video without loss of lock and frame loss;
A new UI, a more intuitive and simple user experience, a full-scale display with a 3-level menu
Supports the label playback function, which can mark important recording points and achieve targeted video playback.
Support quota storage function, the capacity of the hard disk is allocated to the recording channel as needed, and the recording period of each channel is flexible.
Support file lock function, in the recording list of the playback interface, select the video file and click the lock button to lock
Interoperability, the device side implements a video integrated management platform, which can centrally manage other devices through one device, which can replace the traditional PC small center management application.

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