HD-CVI high-definition high-definition debut

In November 2012, HD-CVI high-definition high-definition debut at the security exhibition, attracting media attention. HDCVI is a coaxial high-definition transmission interface technology of Dahua’s independent intellectual property rights. It is a high-definition video transmission method based on existing SYV75-3 or SYV75-5 coaxial cable, capable of low-cost and low-quality coaxial cable. Realize reliable transmission of ultra-long-range high-definition video signals. HD-CVI is fundamentally analog transmission. Its transmitter is modulated and high-speed DAC technology converts the BT1120 signal into a composite video signal, which is restored to a digital video signal by a high-speed ADC and demodulation at the receiving end. The signal conversion process is a lossless process, but it is susceptible to cables during transmission, and its final effect needs further verification by the market.

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