HDCVI Optical Transceiver

HDCVI Optical Transceiver is an important research and development effort of Biyang Optoelectronics in 2013. After more than half a year of R&D and design achievements, it adopts digital codec technology with independent intellectual property rights. After many software and hardware upgrades, it began to supply in bulk in early 2014. CVI The optical transceiver can effectively solve the long-distance optical fiber transmission of the Dahua HDCVI camera signal, including 1280H, 1920H, 1 million, 1.3 million, 2 million HDCVI signals. Bianyang Optoelectronics’ HDCVI optical transceiver assists Dahua’s H-coaxial high-definition application. At the same time, it has conducted product compatibility testing with many domestic manufacturers of HDCVI cameras. For these HDCVI equipment manufacturers, optical fiber transmission products are provided. CVI optical transceivers are coaxial. Millions of promotion and popularization have contributed a small amount of power.

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