Comparison of the effect of the TVI CVI AHD

Summary, there is a comparison of the effect of the TVI CVI, the distance is similar, but within 200 meters, the clarity and color of the TVI will be better than the CVI. And the TVI is 1080P can also pass 500 meters. It is the main competitor of CVI.
AHD, is a company that has to be mentioned. It has been in this industry for a long time, but it is not as beautiful as Haisi, but it is also evergreen. After the CCD and the traditional DVR are folded, the profit is no longer the same. The biggest benefit of AHD is that 960H is compatible with 720P. But there is no 1080P. It is said that the next generation of products will come out with 720P/1080P, but it is not compatible with now. If it is true, it is really helpless. This is also the market of The shortcomings of research and product planning are interesting, but there are some questions that can’t be avoided.

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