The difference of using coaxial HD between CVI、TVI、AHD

Because there is a customer simulation changed to high definition, the video line is long and there is a section sealed in the wall, rewiring is more difficult, so consider using coaxial HD.

Prepare for three choices in CVI, TVI, and AHD. Because AHD is relatively new and not as well known as CVI (the price is not good), test AHD first. It is an AHD 8-channel DVR (supporting AHD-M, 960P) and a matching 960P camera. Test immediately after arrival. The 960P image is very bright and sharp, and it does have a 130w pixel effect, which is basically the same as the webcam. After that, the 200-meter video line test was carried out, and the image was not significantly deteriorated by the naked eye. The effect is still good. But the back end also has the following problems.

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