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HD-SDI has poor anti-interference ability

HD-SDI has poor anti-interference ability, especially in environments with high-frequency radiation, such as mobile phones and wireless routers. Strong high-frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation interferes with HD-SDI, resulting in high bit

Content of the HD CVI Technical Specification

The HDCVI technical specification includes 1280H and 1920H high-definition video formats (the effective resolution of 1280H format is 1280×720; the effective resolution of 1920H format is 1920×1080), and the uncompressed

HDCVI uses low frequency coaxial HD modulation technology

HDCVI adopts low-frequency coaxial high-definition modulation technology, which avoids the interference of high-frequency wireless electromagnetic radiation from the essence of the technical principle. Even in a strong interference source environment,

High-value display appearance of NVR technology

A company has recently launched a powerful new product, 4-channel POE NVR network video recording and display machine MP_NVR! As an all-in-one with high-value display appearance NVR skills, it not

Market performance for CVI, TVI or AHD

The four options may coexist in the fall of 2014, and the above three analog HD solutions have opened up in the video surveillance market. Some people say that this

Huachuang NVR monitor features

Huachuang 4CH MP_NVR monitoring machine is very simple and easy to use, with a network cable can transmit network signals and camera power at the same time. And for the

A brief introduction to HDCVI technology

HDCVI technology is based on coaxial cable transmission of high-definition composite video signals, using analog modulation technology, line-by-line transmission of high-definition video signals of 1280H (1280×720) and 1920H (1920×1080) resolution.

HDCVI specific usage scenarios

HDCVI uses baseband modulation and quadrature amplitude modulation modulation technology to modulate the video into a coaxial high-definition electrical signal for transmission. It is also called HDCVI, which is a

How to realize multi-signal ordinary wired transmission

In order to realize multi-signal common cable transmission, HDCVI embeds audio signals and bidirectional data communication signals simultaneously in the blanking area. The audio signal is combined in line blanking

HDCVI compared to HD-SDI technology

According to the technical characteristics and performance of HDCVI, compared with HD-SDI technology, HDCVI has a competitive advantage in the field of high-definition video transmission over coaxial cable. First of